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Review the court rules of Williams County Clerk of Courts for a complete listing and explanation of the rules. The Clerk of Courts must follow procedure required by law and issue writs to carry out Court orders.

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Some of these writs include summonses, subpoenas, and warrants to arrest and convey to penal institutions. If you have had a case of mistaken identity please access this form for assistance in clearing up any issues that may have occurred. Find information on requirements and types of passports, as well as fees associated fees with getting a new or renewed passport. Learn more about the Title Division and its responsibilities, this system provides fast, efficient issuance of titles. Skip to Main Content.

Sign In. Home Elected Offices Clerk of Courts. Clerk of Courts Purpose I believe that the taxpayers of Williams County are people with individual concerns that my staff and I will strive to assist with compassion, efficiency, and dispatch.

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Nationwide, the FBI processed Its concealed carry law which allows adults over age 21 to carry a handgun after showing proof of 8 hours of training active duty military members are exempt has been in place since Current law states that an applicant who wishes to conceal carry a handgun must complete a certified training course or be eligible for one of the several exemptions. Proof of completion must be given to the sheriff in the county where the applicant lives. The sheriff will conduct a background check for criminal records on all applicants for a concealed carry permit.

The requirements are:. A BCI criminal records background check will show every record that has been added to the databases of the state. Public records are included in criminal records searches. Background checks for criminal records will show arrests, convictions, court dates, and sentencing. All court records are available by request in Ohio. Arrest records, convictions, and sentencing are available. Evictions, unlawful detainer, and civil complaints are also available to the public.


Background checks can only show information that has been added to the system. In some jurisdictions, large amounts of data are frequently not loaded onto the system. Some studies have shown that as much as 50 percent of arrests are not uploaded to NCIS, or are loaded under incorrect headings. The National Rifle Association reported in , about 7 million felony convictions were missing from the database. The US Government abandoned an attempt to determine how many records were missing in because of cost.

The effect of the drug epidemic has not been dramatic in terms of increased crime and arrests despite a massive police effort to trace the supply to dealers.

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According to state figures, violent crime increased just 2. What else will appear in the report? Employers, car loan companies, and others may require a copy of your driving record to evaluate risk. When applying for an apartment lease, a car loan, a mortgage, and more, your personal financial records will be examined to determine if you are an acceptable risk. For these records, which include bankruptcies, civil judgments, evictions, and delinquent accounts, Consumer Reporting Agencies are used.

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Requesting a copy of your own report will allow you to find any errors and correct them before they adversely affect your application. To get a copy of your report, contact the agencies listed here. That way, any errors may be corrected prior to an employer getting a copy.

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If you have been arrested in multiple counties in Ohio, you should make the request in each county. For information on sealing some convictions so only certain employers in sensitive job environments such as child care, work in prisons, law enforcement, etc. To find out if a friend, neighbor, coworker, or other acquaintance has a rap sheet, you may contact the clerk of courts in the county where the person has lived or been arrested using this list.

Or you may subscribe to an online service that makes records searchable by name. Background Check in Ohio Sophie Wright. Common jobs that require a background check in Ohio include: child care skilled nursing health care education law enforcement professional licensing, such as doctors and therapists. Ohio follows federal rules for making government documents public, including criminal records, arrest records, and court records.

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Under federal law, background checks in Ohio may not be used to discriminate against individuals based on their race, color, national origin, religion, age over 40 , disability, or sex. Employers who use background checks must inform in writing to the applicant that a background check is being requested, and the applicant must give written permission to the requesting agency to conduct the background check under FCRA law. Employers requesting personal investigative report, like that done by a private investigator, must.

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Background Checks for Firearms in Ohio. Background checks for firearms purchases are only required when buying a gun through an FFL.

No background check is required for private sales or sales of firearms at gun shows. Ohio residents who wish to carry a concealed handgun must get a permit, but the process is relatively easy. Rifles and shotguns can be conceal carried without a permit. No open carry is allowed in Ohio. Drug Issue in Ohio. Ohio is one of many states deep in crisis over the use of opioid drug misuse.

The state attorney general announced a lawsuit accusing 5 major drug makers of misleading doctors about the addictive properties of the pain medications. Prescriptions shot up from , in to 2. It is assumed that use of illegal heroin has followed the opioid dependence, sinking Ohio in a morass of drug dependency that is costly to combat in terms of lost productivity, health costs, and family services. Sophie is a passionate blogger. Being in love with writing her whole life, she started her Free Background Checks blog as a way to shed light and give knowledge on many major social issues and make a difference with her word.

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