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They too should be reported.

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They can clearly see you're being beaten out of your money, but wont lift a finger to help against fradulent businesses. Our tax dollars should not go to support these agencies.

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Write or call your congressman and demand to know why these government agencies aren't doing the job we pay them to do? What a shame, we don't have technology to nail down these scammers, no-one helping us none of the government organization Police, FBI, FTC, Social security office, Senator you name it. We have complained everywhere we can. What Government doing about it?. It just is hard to do, because of the number of companies which need to cooperate in order to set up a system to do this with any amount of frequency.

These companies have no interest in cooperating because they make money off the scam calls. Phone companies domestically could change their systems to make it harder to spoof numbers, but they have no interest in doing so because they make money off the scam calls. Not a lot of money, but adding the lost revenue to the cost of fixing their system, it's not an attractive value proposition.

Private companies are not interested in fixing the problem, at least not in the way it needs to be fixed cell companies are happy to provide "scam warnings", which is inexpensive for them to do. The answer to motivating these companies to change is government mandates. I just received a phone message from SSA supposedly there is an arrest warrant for me what does this mean? My son just got 1 of these too. Call immediately or we will issue an arrest warrant".

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Automated robotic call. I laughed and told him to hang up. Cant do anything when these calls are coming from overseas, which most of them are. Our federal agencies work for the US Govt and cant really control what happens in countries like oh say, Russia. Unfortunately, blocking the numbers generally does nothing. They can even have the caller ID randomized for every call automatically. I've gotten at least one call per day this week. Here are some of the tel's I've blocked coming from SSN scams Don't answer.

Never give them any info. And block all calls from these scammers. They'll come at you with different numbers, but at least you limit one of their extensions. Good luck! Anybody out there know who to report this too? The first time I got a call from the scammers, they left a message saying that my social security number had been found in a crime scene in Texas. I called the SSA and send them an email as well. Everything was taken care of and I was advised not to give out any information to the scammers.

I received another call similar to the one I had received and simply brushed it aside, still, there was a little apprehension but I am over it. That this is going on with the SSA is simply unacceptable and Despicable.

You say that the FTC are doing their job but you don't provide any information to back that up. Its impossible or nearly impossible to catch these people We have to be vigilant and never send money. Don't count on other people to protect you Now days u don't know what's real or fake I have been dealing with these scammers now two years I catch them all the time I know how they use people I have seen faces I have place here in USA where I have sent money you think anyone will listen.

Hello you stop them here they can't do a thing.

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They working out of Canada as well. I know they monitor these chat forums. I just got a call from Indiana, saying fraudulent activity was happening on my SS number. This is the number they called from. I too just got two calls, two hours apart. Both left a robotic VM saying to press 1 now to be connected to someone. Both numbers are completely different other than Received a call saying that my ss would be suspended and that I needed to press 1 to speak with a representative to get more information.

When I pressed 1, the line was disconnected. Not sure whether or not the disconnect was intentional on their end. I have gotten the same. Then when I hit 1 disconnected. Should I be worried? I didn't talk to anyone and gave out no info. When you answer and press a button it confirms you phone number is active. They'll be coming at you another way and now your number is on a call list. Now I just hang up on everyone from scammers to wrong numbers.

Agree with KBE, it has been on the news. DON'T give out information over the phone. SS department let's people know they will Never call and ask for your number or money, you cannot depend on others to fix these issues for you. It stinks, but these calls are from everywhere, I think mostly from other countries. I returned a call because I knew it was a scam call told them I was going to report their number, they responded with some very foul language and I hung up on me.

They use so many numbers it is hard to keep track of them.

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Sorry for all the people that lost their money but I hope it a lesson to everyone that get these calls just hang up. Ironic that you post to a government site. My experience is that people in government are far more responsive than the telephone companies or insurance companies or banks or credit bureaus and so forth. If you call or write your congressman demand instead that he or she works to put teeth back into agencies such as the Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

When I called back the phone was disconnected. It is a scam.

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Don't give anyone any information about your self over the phone. Got a call from a Maryland number. Same thing telling me my ssn is being investigated and to call back before legal action is taken. What a world we live in.

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Fortunately, my RoboKiller app blocked the call and kept the recording for me to hear. They called twice within one hour. Obviously we all need it! Before the matter goes to Federal Claim Court house for me to get arrested, to press '1' " This all went to my voice mail. I received a call telling me social security is reviewing my case and call social security officers.

I don't have caller ID. This is horrible. I just got a call with the same recording. It was not someone live. The call came from 1 But last week I got the same phone call from another phone.

I did not listen the recording for long I ended it any the blocked the caller. I got 7 of these calls today! I never pick up. I think I read that the scammers can construct a fake conversation where you appear to be agreeing to something. Received a voicemail from a Florida phone number Stating I need to contact the Magistrate Dept. With a case number.