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Such an environment shall include the protection of the incarcerated person from victimization within the facility. To return the offender to society in a condition physically, mentally, or any other manner no worse than when the prisoner came into the facility.

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To provide the courts, upon request, with information to and in sentencing decision. To provide the necessary levels of security, appropriate detainee classification, and staff training to safely accomplish the preceding objectives.

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For detainee information and status, please call The line is available 24 hours, all year long. Who can use this service? Anyone wishing to search for information about active Maine adult prisoners or probationers.

For the purposes of this website it also includes prisoners under the jurisdiction of the Maine Department of Corrections that are housed in other locations, to include: county jails, other states, and federal facilities. Locate Adult Facilities in Maine. Probationer: An adult under probation supervision in the community.

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Please visit the Securus website for more information on rates. Inmates can now make a 15 minute call to a cell phone.

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Should you have questions regarding the Securus phone system or phone call charges, call To prevent unauthorized inmate collect call charges to your phone bill, do not attempt to transfer any inmate call; do not attempt to conference call another number; and do not call forward your phone. If you wish to set up an account with Securus, visit www.

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If you feel you have been a victim of fraudulent inmate collect call charges, contact your local telephone service provider. You may also contact Securus at to block any calls originating from the Travis County Jail to your phone. Open an account with Securus' Inmate Connections and begin accepting calls on your home or cell phone. Only one business telephone number is authorized for the call list.

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Calls are limited to 20 minutes each, are free of charge and are not recorded. To have your client notified to call you, leave a message at the Please have the client's booking number, full name and date of birth.

How to Find the Location of an Inmate

Attorneys requesting to be placed on the Free Call list may visit www. Any time of the day or night, arrangements may be made if a property release is necessary to secure an inmate's release; Central Booking Facility, individuals can release their valuables to facilitate their release Sunday through Friday, hours a day. Individuals receiving property are required to show valid, official picture identification. Inmates being transferred to prison must designate a specific person whom they authorize to receive their property.

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Items not picked up within 30 days will be discarded. Do not bring any medications, prescription or over-the-counter, to either facility. During the initial intake process all inmates undergo a medical screening. Any medications that an inmate may require will be identified at this time and provided by the Medical Department.

The licensed medical staff, per jail physician orders, distributes medication.