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As the second phase of a business email compromise BEC scam, CEO fraud is when attackers abuse the compromised email account of a CEO or other high-ranking executive to authorize fraudulent wire transfers to a financial institution of their choice. Alternatively, they can leverage that same email account to conduct W-2 phishing in which they request W-2 information for all employees so that they can file fake tax returns on their behalf or post that data on the dark web.

To counter the threats of CEO fraud and W-2 phishing, organizations should mandate that all company personnel—including executives—participate in security awareness training on an ongoing basis. Organizations should also consider injecting multi-factor authentication MFA channels into their financial authorization processes so that no one can authorize payments via email alone.

Email is undoubtedly a popular tool among phishers. Even so, fraudsters do sometimes turn to other media to perpetrate their attacks. Take vishing, for example. This type of phishing attack dispenses with sending out an email and instead goes for placing a phone call. These vishing attacks have taken on various forms. In September , for instance, Infosecurity Magazine reported that digital attackers launched a vishing campaign to try to steal the passwords of UK MPs and parliamentary staffers. To protect against vishing attacks, users should avoid answering calls from unknown phone numbers, never give out personal information over the phone and use a caller ID app.

This method leverages malicious text messages to trick users into clicking on a malicious link or handing over personal information. Like vishers, smishers pose as various entities to get what they want. Clicking on these search results or ads will take the user to a phishing page. As you can see from these examples, a phishing attack can strike your organization in many shapes and forms. We have put together fifteen actionable steps that you can immediately rollout to dramatically improve the chances of shielding your company from phishing scams. Gmail also provides users with the option to report spam as well as phishing emails.

The only catch is that as an IT administrator, your role goes beyond managing spam settings. You may also have to educate the employees in your network to report suspicious emails. G Suite administrators can also access a report on spam detected in their network. By analyzing the spam report, an administrator can gain useful insights such as:.

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Spam Filtering in Office Office also has a comprehensive set of features to control spam. This feature is available for all subscription levels. The admin can choose standard settings or customize it.

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When attackers manage to get an employee in your network to click on a malicious link sent via a phishing email, you could still save the day for your organization if you had implemented a multi-factor authentication system. We recommend at least a 2-factor authentication system in place; however, for sensitive applications in your network, adding more levels of authentication is advisable. DomainKeys is an email authentication mechanism that verifies the credibility of the emails generated from a domain.

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Using this DKIM protocol, the administrator can whitelist various business domains to prevent phishing attacks from external domains. Email service providers give a preview of the data sharing activities happening from your domain to an external domain. In the above images, you can notice an unusual sharing activity on May 14, Fake external websites and links are easy baits for unsuspecting users. Hackers create fake websites that resemble some popular and credible sites.

Even if the web page looks legitimate, you will notice that the URL of the page will be different from the original site.

For example, if you happen to enter your credentials in this fake Amazon sign-in page, the attacker can have access to your Amazon account. How do you determine if an external site is genuine or fake? The Alexa rank for a website can provide a pointer to the credibility of the website.

It is recommended to use a third party tool like SysCloud Phishing Security to automate the flagging of suspicious websites that users in your network might have visited. IT administrators can use third-party tools to perform a real-time scan on the data stored within their organization. This application allows the administrator to detect and remove threats from a domain. It covers G Suite as well as Office applications. Analyzing these reports at regular intervals will allow you to detect possible phishing attacks.

This helps IT administrators to monitor employee activities and prevent them from accessing unauthorized data. For example, if you are using Office with the enterprise E5 subscription plan, there is an option called Audit log , wherein the administrator can define suspicious activities for their domain.

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  4. Every malware is unique and created with a specific objective. Some of these objectives are to:. Endpoint solutions also provide IT administrators with the ability to rapidly respond to new threats and properly investigate and clean up the network after an attack. For a direct comparison of anti-malware security solutions, refer to the comparison table from the PC Magazine.

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    IT administrators should implement processes to govern document-sharing policies within and outside the domain. Administrators can prevent this from happening by whitelisting all the channels for internal communication. Protection delivered by the same tools Microsoft uses for business customers.

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    Data encryption in your mailbox and after email is sent. Automatic deactivation of unsafe links that contain phishing scams, viruses, or malware.

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    Premium Ransomware detection and recovery for your important files in OneDrive. Keep your busy life organized Use Outlook's powerful built-in calendar to keep track of your appointments and schedule meetings with others. More accessible than ever We've designed Outlook.